Spare parts, new & used

At Subaroos we have an extensive stock of new and used parts for a wide range of Subaru vehicles. All parts come with a warranty and all used parts are tested prior to sale. As we have a large range of stock most repairs to vehicles including replacement of transmissions, engines or clutch and brake components can usually be turned around in 24 to 48 hours, no matter how complex the job.

Servicing & Maintenance

For over 10 years the servicing and maintenance of Subarus has been an integral part of our business. We provide log book servicing for newer vehicles as well as servicing for older models, where older vehicles may require a more personalised approach Subaroos have the expertise and specialised knowledge to keep you on the road safely, reliably and cost effectively.

About Us

When Subaroos was first established, we initially supplied spare parts, servicing and modifications to high performance turbo vehicles, such as the Liberty RS Turbo and the formidable Impreza WRX. As many customers with more standard vehicles also required our services, the business expanded to cover this growing need. We aim to provide all our customers with quality parts, great service and helpful advice.